The Dentmobile in Venice and Santa Monica today!!!

Harvey Dent for D.A.Corruption. Runaway Crime. Violent gangs. If you think its a problem in Los Angeles, you should see whats happening in Gotham City. Why so serious?

Alas, Harvey Dent will be making campaign stops today on the Venice Boardwalk and 3rd Street Promenade as part of his national campaign to become District Attorney of Gotham City. Sure, a national campaign for a city election makes no sense, but neither did hardened nipples on a batsuit. Or maybe he’s hedging his bets that if he can’t win in Gotham, maybe he can contend with our own D.A. Rocky Delgadillo during the next election.

From the “I Believe In Harvey Dent” website:

Get up close and personal with the campaign to convince Harvey Dent to run for DA!
We’re going across the country to rally support for Dent! Meet up with other Dent supporters and and help us campaign in your streets. Join the movement that’s sweeping Gotham!

March 13th

Venice Beach: Windward/Ocean Front Walk

Third Street Promenade

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