Ticket Give-Away: Clutch

My son’s favorite band is Clutch. Yes, he is not yet two years old. Yes, Clutch is pretty hardcore. They’re been his favorite since he was nine days old, when he fell asleep with his head next to the speaker. For reals.

I mention this only because I have tickets for the Clutch show on Thursday. The boy will be in bed already, so I thought I’d give them to readers. There are some other bands I’ve never heard of playing as well: Murder By Death, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and Hex Machine. (I’m sure they are marvelous. I’ve never heard of anyone.) The show is this Thursday, March 13, at the Fonda at 7:00. If you don’t win tickets here, they can still be purchased via Ticketmaster.

To win one of two pairs of tickets, comment with your favorite Clutch lyrics and briefly explain why they’re your favorite. I’ll choose a winner tomorrow via random number generator. I will need to know your name as it appears on your ID, so please either comment with it or be able to reply to your email pretty quickly in the morning. (Needless to say, I will also need your REAL email address!)

One thought on “Ticket Give-Away: Clutch”

  1. from “careful with that mic”:

    Always on the ready for the whack snack attack I carry sandwiches around in a straight-edge style Jansport backpack

    i don’t even feel like i need to explain why that’s great. the rhyme scheme for one, but i actually laughed out loud the first time i heard that line.

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