Missing persons – man seeks bio-dad

missingman.jpgMy friend Joe Crawford is doing a little sleuthing on behalf of a coworker who’s trying to learn more about his long-lost father.

I don’t ordinarily get in the middle of this kind of thing, but the case sounds so interesting that it’s worth reposting here, in case this rings a bell with anyone out there.

Joe posted this about Paul Ryan:

A colleague of mine here at work is in search of evidence of his biological father’s existence. Because he knows I’m a big internet data mining nerd he asked for my help, and in turn I ask you for help.

Here’s the information he provided me:

During a Dodger game during the 1965, 1966, or 1967 Seasons, he was carried out on a stretcher, having suffered a kidney stone during the game. His full name is purported to have been Paul Ronald Ryan, though this is not certain. He would have been, 70 years old this year, putting his year of birth at about 1937. It’s possible this man is still alive, though this also is not certain. It was said that he was born in New York, again, not a certainty.

That’s it. His mother is not alive. My colleague has contacted the LA Times and Dodger Stadium but has not heard back yet. He has not sought out his father with any seriousness and now wants to. Please contact me via email or comment on this post if you have ideas or suggestions.

Please feel free to pass this along or crosspost this item.
Anyone have any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Missing persons – man seeks bio-dad”

  1. Go to any Los Angeles public library and do a search for Paul Ronald Ryan and Paul Ryan in their awesome LA Times database. Might also be worth trying other searches with “Dodgers” included, such as “stretcher,” “kidney stone,” etc.

    But I’m confused – was Paul Ryan a player with the Dodgers, or part of the crowd?

  2. Another spot to try digging back is through who provided the janitorial or security service back then. Those guys are into everything and remember a lot of the unusual stuff. The proverbial WAG but it could get some results too.

  3. I can’t see why this won’t work…I did research on family through “Ancestry.com” back to 1875 with VERY little info to go by… Point being is if you have a name, a city, a state, a residence you can find some interesting stuff on yourself or the person that you may be researaching. Sometimes you have to ‘play’ with the spelling & have plenty of patience. Even just starting with ones own name to research birth certificate offers clues. Once you start you become creative! Also, I’m not sure if it’s still the same but you could register with Ancestry.com for 30 days–FREE. All that’s required is that you cancel b4 the 30th day and THEY WILL NOT pull out any money. *Not sure if they still offer this…..Just some thoughts!

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