ICME:Breakfast in a spray can is TMTH*


Azusa American Idol Contestant Danny Noriega dropped the chat room code TMTH, (*too much too handle) a week ago during the show.  The pretty much sums up my thoughts when I spotted these gems sitting in a cooler at Costco Azusa.

I’m not above convenience in the morning, hence the big jumbo bag of pancake batter that only needs water stashed in my pantry.  This is too much, imagine some ornary kid thinking it was a can of whipped cream and huffs it.  Imagine what happens when you get to all air and the hot grease get’s sprayed around. 

Costco has the “Batter Blaster” bundled 3 cans for $9.84.  Each can makes about 28, 4″ pannies. 

4 thoughts on “ICME:Breakfast in a spray can is TMTH*”

  1. I am not afraid to say that I LOVE Batter Blaster. I’ve only used one can (not all at once) but holy cow it tastes good, is organic (seriously, read the label) and no messy clean up. Highly recommend!

  2. I’m totaly gonna get me some next gogo to Costco. Hell I might bike over just for a three-pack on the way home tonight! Who goes to Costco for just one item!

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