Monday Bullets: L.A. is Pretty, Dangerous


  • The Militant Angeleno visits the last remaining remnants of the Red Cars and the Yellow Cars, and wonders with the rest of us if Angels Flight will ever return.
  • Here in Van Nuys finds one of the most beautiful spots in Los Angeles, and can’t believe this is the same city where kids are shot in the head for no reason.
  • Miles Think calls out the L.A. Times for confusing Studio City with Anaheim, would like to know if anyone still edits that thing.
  • PMSimon gets ignored at the Whisper Lounge at the Grove for not being trendy enough. PMSimon then gets served, and all is well again.
  • And the Original Joe Fisher goes to a WGA Poker Benefit, hates on douchebags, and owns his own space station.

Photo by Here in Van Nuys