Martini Monday at Wang’s Palace

beefscallion.jpg “Martini Monday” is a don’t miss at this Old Town Monrovia restaurant.   Between 5PM and 10PM you get a Martini for a Buck when you order a full dinner.  A nice treat and way to celebrate one day down to Hump Day.

Wang’s Palace here in Monrovia is one of my favorite places to pop in for a relaxed lunch in more of a fine dining rather than fast food type environment. It is all old school tuck-n-roll vinyl booths, nice mood lighting, you get the picture…date day with the better half.  I can’t complain about the place it is definitely a lot more upscale than what you find at a strip mall but still affordable.  Today’s lunch, drinks, tea with tip came to an even $25 makes it affordable afternoons out.

Yeah, the best part of the deal is MARTINI MONDAY with them only a buck a pop! 

The details Wang’s Palace, 423 South Myrtle, Monrovia CA 91016 626-303-3701 & 626-303-3702.

(Pic by me with the trusty cell phone of today’s lunch…Beef with Scallions)

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  1. Mmm… I remember many trips here, having grown up in Arcadia. My family would often go here as a special dinner out, and we all loved it. I miss it living all the way out by The Grove now.

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