Root for Los Angeles!

Los Angeles is your favorite American city, right? Right!?

Travel & Leisure Magazine is polling its readers to rank our nation’s cities based on various metrics including attractiveness, friendliness, touristyness (that is a word, right?), how much green space there is, etc. Prove your love for Los Angeles by ranking us #1!

Ironically, as an incentive to vote, they’re raffling off a free vacation… to Australia.

photo by Maveric2003, used under Creative Commons…

11 thoughts on “Root for Los Angeles!”

  1. btw…isn’t this like hijacking their contest? At least I can honestly say I am technically a resident of the city, only of the metro area and they didn’t ask that bit.

  2. You’ve got it all wrong, you need to be discouraging people from choosing LA in these types of polls, there’s enough semi-permanent tourists here that we don’t need to encourage more. I voted across the board for Frisco, they need the tourists to validate their worth. Yay Frisco!

  3. LOl…am heading to SF for Spring Break with the Fam then drive back down the coast.

    Send the tourists, we need their sales and hotel tax dollars.

  4. Fraz, I don’t think the public at large pays attention to the borders of the City of Los Angeles.

    Even Los Angeles Magazine, in their greatest things about LA list, say that Disneyland is in “the city.” I tend to be a bit stricter than that, but I’ll still take Disneyland and Santa Monica as assets of living in the city of Los Angeles.

  5. I remember when they did this last year — unfortunately, T&L hated on us like whoa.

    The good news: we’re #2 for “Luxury boutiques.”

    And onto the bad news #25 (out of 25) for “ease of getting around,” “friendly people,” “intelligent people,” and “overall cityscape.”

    So get out there and vote!

  6. David…I know the public at larged doesn’t care about the borders, I just went with a literal approach to “are you a resident of…”, that’s all I am saying.

  7. So I went through the whole survey. and when it came time to enter my info for the Oz trip, the stupid thing didn’t go through!


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