Improv Everywhere breaks into song and dance at L.A. food court

Improv Everywhere at Baldwin Hills MallIts started with a suggestion: “You know how it’s weird in musicals that people just break out into song for no reason? You guys should stage a musical like that in a public place.”

Improv Everywhere, a New York based gang of actor/pranksters, followed through on the idea, and recently entertained a bewildered crowd at the Baldwin Hills Mall food court with an apparent spontaneous musical number.

The act begins with an innocent Hot Dog On A Stick girl singing over a spilled lemonade, “can I get a napkin please?” A customer with a lunch tray joins her in song, followed by a mother who literally tosses her baby away to join in the number. By the end, 16 mall shoppers and employees are emoting a Bugsy Berkley number… all over a damn napkin.

Brilliant and beautiful. I can’t help but think that if sort of thing was a more common occurrence, the world would be a much better place.

[behind the scenes] [watch on YouTube]

Unfortunately, besides this most recent mission, Improv Everywhere operates exclusively in the New York area. They do encourage others to join their ranks, all over the world. If anyone from L.A. wants to partake, check out Improv Everywhere’s Ning group.

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  1. I like that. What would be better is these random acts of silliness in the Busgsy Berkley vein just sprout all over the area. We need a little silliness as way to many of us take our days too seriously.

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