Spring Forward Tomorrow Night

Get Your Hoe ReadyGet your hoe ready!  Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am, Sunday, March 9. That means before you go to sleep tomorrow night, set your clocks ahead one hour.  Or at least make sure you have nowhere to be on Sunday and then get up and do it at your leisure.   Why do we do this? Apparently we are saving energy by using less artificial light in the afternoon and evenings (though with more sun on hot afternoons, seems like we’d burn more energy using air conditioners).  DST also allows for more leisure time in daylight after work for sports and other outdoor activities.  It appears to help reduce traffic accidents as well. Arizona and Hawai’i opt out.  Not sure why Arizona refuses, but in Hawai’i I’m guessing they are so close to the equator, the difference in seasonal daylight is not that great.  (The image was found on the wikipedia  DST page and is in the public domain. I think you should click the image for its old-timey Uncle Sammy goodness.) 

2 thoughts on “Spring Forward Tomorrow Night”

  1. Oh crap thanks for the reminder. I used to live in AZ and never understodd why they chose not to participate. I however was glad they didn’t as I hate the changing the body clock twice a year and found it quite nice living there for that reason. (It wasn’t enough of a reason to keep me there but that is another story for another time).

    I can remember as a really little kid living in Michigan UP we didn’t always do daylights savings time with the rest of the state, or even the rest of the country. Also remember around the same time Indiana had some parts doing daylight savings time and other parts not. I have no idea why they did that but it since been fixed.

  2. Arizona skips DST because they don’t really need more daylight in the summer. :-) They have more than enough already.

    The construction trades were especially opposed, as they like to start as early as possible so they can get as much done as they can before it gets too hot, and the “No Construction Noise Before 7:00 am” rules don’t care about DST – because people who don’t have to be at work ’till 8 or 9 am get cranky if you start up the circular saws at 6 am, whether it’s DST or not.

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