Silver Lake empty at last

silverlake_empty1.jpgWe never noticed the tornado-swirl and huge sucking sound we might have expected, but by this morning, Silver Lake was at last empty.

Just a few birds sat on the bottom amid knuckle-deep puddles, wearing WTF??? expressions. Now that the reservoir is free of the carcinogenic bromate-tainted water that was discovered a few months back, the LADWP can commence patching and other necessary repairs before refilling it with fresh water from the aqueduct. They’re promising it will be refilled by summer.

And, uh, partially filled with balls.

5 thoughts on “Silver Lake empty at last”

  1. Balls all over floating in water, could be the makings of a fun summer outing…ballpits for adults. What concept. I say instead of looking at pillow fights we look at that as an activity this summer.

    Just no one pee as it will eventually make it into the water supply.

  2. The balls would only be used on the Ivanhoe reservoir, the smaller reservoir north of the main body of Silver Lake, which will continue to be used as a water-supply reservoir until the 110 million-gallon tank at the Headworks Spreading Grounds, which will completely replace the Silver Lake Complex facilities, is completed in about five years.

    The main body of Silver Lake has already been removed from service. After completion of the Headworks tank, both reservoirs will just be decorative lakes.

  3. @bromike666 – you could pull some monster stalefish if you could keep momentum over to the other side

    @lampnerd – thanks so much for the details – this is good to know.

  4. I just want them to make the balls lurid primary colors, instead of all black, which is what I’ve heard is planned. LAME. Altough if they’re only on the Ivanhoe, I think you can’t even see that lake from the street–it’s all far behind wrought-iron bars (also lame, IMO). Lampnerd, do you know if there are plans to make it more accessible? At least a walking path with a view of the lake itself? Seems such a waste.

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