Gholar’s Soul Food best find yet…and a bit of a history lesson.

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My youngest’s kindergarten teacher from a few years back sent us a note the other day.  It was announcing that her cousin was opening a “healthy” soul food restaurant in town.  Joey asked what is “soul food“?  It took a bit of discussion to bring him back before MLK to explain that the blacks in this country didn’t always have access to the top quality ingredients when they were first freed in the south.  They did however use a lot of ingenuity and creativity to make incredibly tasty and filling food with what they could find.  Soul food is their comfort food that they have shared with us. 

Last night we loaded up the car and headed over to Gholar’s Soul Food here in Monrovia.  What a treat.  I got to talk with owner Anita Gholar.  She let me know that all the recipes with the exception of the Honey BBQ sauce, belonged to her grandmother that she learned to prepare when she was a child.  Anita has finished a Culinary Art’s program and with those tools she has reinvented her families heritage recipes and made them healthier. 

Healthier in that she has significantly reduced the salt and substituted in more fresh spices and herbs.  Most Pork along with pork based fats and lard have been eliminated substituted for healthier fats.  And then fats are nearly eliminated where possible.  Anita said she worked very hard keeping the texture and taste of the family recipes while making them healthy, my two cents says she excelled.

Gholar’s Soul Food is your classic hole in the wall tucked into a corner at the entrance of the House of Spirits at the corner of Duarte Road and Mayflower in Monrovia.  MAP HERE.  It has about a half dozen tables with simple white cloths ready for you in case you want to eat in.  When you enter you are greeted with Anita’s smile and the aroma’s of her cooking.

Anita has a simple menu in place, Honey BBQ Ribs, lemon or BBQ Rotisserie Chiken or Fish and Chips.  Dinners top out at $9.95 that includes enough entree for another day and 3 great sides. 

My kids all opted for the Rotisserie Chicken and raved the entire time about how it was the best chicken they ever had.  Not being a chicken fan I did grab a fork full and found it pretty good.  I opted for the Ribs…OMG she is going to kick a few peoples butt into the ground with that entree alone.  Sweet jeebus she had to wiggle and worm the recipe out of her uncle for years and the stuff is just awesome.  The sauce is a deep, deep red sticky vinegary sweet sauce very typical of what I had in the Ozarks while I was in high school. 

The surprise treat in the package was “the roll”.  I was expecting a traditional corn bread muffin or yeast roll.  It was neither. It was a very light golden yellow muffin that defies description on how light it was.  Joey looked at me and popped out with “I could make this my last meal.  I like the hint of vanilla”, then grabbed everyone elses muffin and gave it a lick to ensure he got them all.  (I need to work on his table manners a bit, but he is only 10 so I give a few points for creativity).  I found out she calls them “Cornbread cake muffins” and almost didn’t put them on the menu.  Anita…you have to make those a regular by the dozen take home option…they are THAT good.

This is Anita’s first venture here in town and plans to move up into Old Town as she gains a following.  I don’t think she’ll be long at this location given the popularity she has achieved in the 5 days she has been open.  She now has several people lined up at opening every day, lunch is starting at 11AM.  We arrived just before 6PM and the tables were full and a couple of customers behind us. 

The details: Gholars Soul Food, 501 W. Duarte Road, Monrovia CA 91016 626-831-1192.  Gholar’s is open Monday thorugh Saturday 10AM – 8PM and Sundays 10AM to 7PM.

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8 thoughts on “Gholar’s Soul Food best find yet…and a bit of a history lesson.”

  1. frazgo, if you choose to do a review of food places can you please make them before my lunch. Getting back from eating beef jerky and finding this as a possibility…(by the way…i have worked in monrovia for 3 years and never ever seen it; probably because I stay above huntington and west of baldwin when looking for food)

  2. It just opened 5 days ago, sorry if I missed your lunch hour. Staying above Huntington and West of Baldwin means you are missing a world of great stuff. Certainly an odd place to be looking of you work here in outer monrovia.

  3. So I’m sitting at work, ready to go to lunch, and I think “why not check Metro LA to see if anything is happening”. All morning I’ve been craving some form of comfort food instead of my usual Asian or Mexican and had been planning on heading to one of the local coffee shops.

    But lo and behold, I’m presented with a new Soul Food just down the street! OMG, I almost started crying with happiness, but I was too busy grabbing my keys and running out the door.

    Being an infrequent diner at the Burger Basket, I was familiar with the that corner and the House of Spirits, but I still had to do a triple take to find Gholars. BTW, the correct address is 501 W Duarte Rd, Monrovia. The address you posted is for a nail salon.

    I got the pork ribs, with greens and black-eyed peas with okra on the side. They were all Real Good, though because I take a late (2pm) lunch they probably weren’t at their prime (a bit overcooked). I talked with Anita for a while (she has beautiful eyes!) and promised I’d be back for more. It’s a very friendly local type place.

    As you said, all the tables were full, even at 2pm. And being located in the corner of a liquor store doesn’t provide a very pleasing ambiance. Still, I’ll certainly be back to try out everything else.

  4. Doran thanks for the catch. I used the address on the flyer her cousin sent me and didn’t double check when I was there. I did fix the maplink and the post. Glad you enjoyed, new places always have a coupla bugs to work out. But wasn’t that “cornbread cake muffin” out of this world?

  5. Dropped off the 210 around 4 p.m. Friday and headed down Mayflower to Duarte Road hoping to pick up a good dinner and avoid cooking…Wow! I’m an “x” New Yorker & it’s only through my marriage that I’ve flavored some southern/soul food cooking! The greens were great and although it was my first time tasting okra in black eye peas I will not shy away from another order. Got the hubby the ribs and the chicken for myself so we split the meal & enjoyed! For over 40 years we patronized a place on Adams and Crenshaw–Leo’s BBQ—which folded up over a year ago.

    Monrovia’s had a few eateries along this line but none that we’ve enjoyed. Word of mouth and your support on the blog will definitely get them the patrons! I never would have even noticed or stopped at the place if not for your message! I took note of your comments on the reduced salt especially after my husband’s blood test reflected high on the cholesterol….

    *A little MORE SAUCE PLEASE*!!

    Take good care!

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