Friday is Film Radar Day.

I just subscribed to Karie Bible’s Film Radar mailing list. This is kind of insane, when I spent most of last week unsubscribing from mailing lists, but… well, this one looks really good. It seems that Film Radar covers a lot of the stuff CHUD covers, sent via email once a week.

But they also have a website! And it’s just relaunched after a massive redesign. I have no idea what the site looked like before, but it looks great now. A little crowded, which I find aesthetically annoying but am totally willing to put up with as it is a wealth of information. For instance: new pre-code box set! (My birthday is in four months.)

The site has three blogs (the primary one, a horror blog, and an indie blog); forums; and a calendar.Check it out: Yojimbo/Fistful of Dollars double feature — and not at the New Bev!

The newsletter covers mostly calendar-type stuff, but is very thorough. I don’t think I’ll be unsubscribing.