Metro Subtracts Bus Lines, Adds to Orange Line


Porn stars of the San Fernando Valley rejoice! The Orange Line is coming!

Yes, Metro is going to take away a lot of bus lines that ordinary, hard-working, and sometimes legal citizens rely on to get to and from work on a daily basis. But, with the Orange Line crawling another 4 miles from Canoga Park to Chatsworth, adult film stars will now be able to go Metro all the way to Long Beach with just 2 transfers! Great success! I love L.A.!

* It should be noted, than even though the Orange Line is a just a bus, it could still take UP TO SIX YEARS before it reaches Chatsworth. Go Metro!

Map of the Bus That Thinks it’s a Train from Metro

2 thoughts on “Metro Subtracts Bus Lines, Adds to Orange Line”

  1. It does not take a mere glorified “train” line to be poorly planned. The Blue Line, like the Orange “Line,” also stops at lights on its way out of Los Angeles as well as as in downtown Long Beach. Too, both are highly susceptible to being hit—as is the Gold Line.

    I could go on about all that, but just getting to the bus on time makes me late enough to my destination without being late to the bus.

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