It Caught My Eye: Tard In Motion

Much evidence has been presented here on the Los Angeles Metblog as to the ridiculous ways in which people publicly park their cars. Harder to showcase has been the much more elusive moving targets of our scorn who roam the streets with reckless abandon and the firm belief that the rules of the road are simply suggestions.

Case in point (and one of my personal faves as a cyclist), let’s just call the Silver VW Bug featured below “Motorist in the Bike Lane” (click images to doublify):



Whizzing by the gridlock I do my best to empathize with those who voluntarily torture themselves on the inevitable crawl westbound on Venice Boulevard to and through Culver City in the mornings, and apparently the young lady in the Silver Bug wasn’t going to have anymore of that yesterday. I first encountered her behind me back at Fairfax when she had the nerve to honk her horn at me because I was… what, preventing her from turning right or merging left into traffic lanes? Hell no. Instead she jammed around me and then stayed in the bike lane all the way down until finally getting wedged in just before La Ciengea Boulevard (as seen in the bottom picture), forcing me into the roiling traffic in order to go around her. Best of all, when I pointed out how little time she saved breaking the law her reaction was this pricelessly regal dismissive flip of her hand, and I knew I was a minion among royalty. Long live the Queen of Tards!


5 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Tard In Motion”

  1. Great post…it never ceases to amaze how brazen a few people out there are. I mean really was where she going THAT important?

  2. Those of us who pilot Ambulances and Fire Engines around our fair city refer to such motorists as Gutter Snipers.

    After colliding with a Fire Department vehicle (and they often do), the Gutter Sniper will almost always be oblivious as to why every.other.vehicle.traveling.every.single.direction had suddenly come to a stop, ‘forcing’ them to shoot past traffic with a sense of entitlement and blissful ingorance into the side of big red.

    Oh, what a world!

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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