Hambone – $10,000 reward

This may or may not cut any ice with the thieves who swiped this handsome pitbull right off the street three weeks ago.

But there’s a $10,000 reward out for Hambone’s safe return.

My friend, Pleasant Gehman posted this background info, and a video:

My neighbor’s wonderful sweet pitbull, Hambone was stolen in Hollywood three weeks ago.

People witnessed the dog-napping, there is a description of the van that took him, and the police have been involved… but not doing much. Animal shelters and pounds have also been alerted, and we have also noticed quite a few other ” lost/STOLEN pitbull” posters in our neighborhood.

Many of you have already received emails from me just after the incident occurred- but Hambone is still missing .

Now, thanks to contributions by animal organizations and private parties, there is a $10,000.00 reward for Hambone’s safe return-

– and this video on youtube, with pictures and video of Hambone, complete descriptions, etc.

Please, please look a the video and forward it on to anyone you know, somebody may have seen him! http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ls206jnKOrQ

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