No Bus For You!


Metro is in the red. The hole is $100 million deep, and so, they’ve decided to trim some of the fat. The Daily News reports that they’re thinking about eliminating a few bus lines. 20 of them, to be exact. 12 of the lines are in the San Fernando Valley.

Um… WTF? Gas is supposed to hit $4.00 this summer, and it’s already close in some parts of the city. Congestion in the Valley seems to worsen daily. And what about the Mayor? You know, that guy who said we should all start taking the bus, and then flew off to campaign for Hillary? How is he supposed to get around the next time he visits the 818? How can he meet Mirthala for Wetzel’s Pretzels in Sherman Oaks if they take away the bus?

Why do you hate us so, Metro?

Photo of something called a “bus,” circa 2008, from Metro

7 thoughts on “No Bus For You!”

  1. Gotta Love Metro. The biggest problem with ridership is that for a family even with gas at $4/gallon it is cheaper to drive than go by bus. (Especially if you cars are like mine, old paid for and negligible depreciation each year).

    Its a great option for single riders and commuters who want to use it but the problem is they haven’t even made it attractive for the bulk of that group. Ridership down, fares down…you get the picture. That has been the cycle as long as I have been here.

    Dk the silver bullet for making it attractive and a viable option for people. What I do know is that the big cities I go to trains and subways are for the long haul and buses only feed into them so its all short runs.

  2. Oh great, that’s just what Los Angeles needs: less public transportation! When is this city going to get a clue? Driving is for suckers.

  3. I think its a stock photo that will make as many recycles as possible so he can avoid the bus.

    Does a bunch of guys in a limo between city functions count as ridesharing and carpooling? Just asking..will be moot since carpool lanes are rapidly disappearing in favor of toll lanes.

  4. How many people actually take those bus lines? If it’s not enough, it’s reasonable to cancel those lines.

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