Wooohooo police pursuit heading out of East LA

police_pursuit.jpgYup started about a quarter after two and KCAL is reporting the chase live.  A dummy stole a caddy SUV, parked it in his driveway.  Turns out it was lojack equipped and when police tracked it down for recovery the alleged perp took off.  Most current is he was EB on the 10 into the SGV and now is off on some side street and heading WB back into LA.  Enjoy….just remember if he get’s onto the 210 he’s stuck as it becomes a parking lot this time of the day. (Thanks to Wil Wheaton who dropped this tip to us).

Update 3:03PM, in the time it took to type and put this up its over.  Great work by CHP and LAPD, NBC4  is the first to report it is over.

3 thoughts on “Wooohooo police pursuit heading out of East LA”

  1. I watched this for 45 minutes today on KCAL. I guess it’s because I haven’t seen a high speed chase in a long time (and didn’t feel like working, anyway.)

    KCAL gave us a serious case of Pursuitis interruptus when they cut away for a commercial, right when it seemed like the damn thing was going to end. Of course, it ended then.

    I’m glad they caught this assclown before he hurt or killed anyone, and after watching him speed through quiet neighborhood streets, and recklessly plow through a fucking park, I hope he has a great time being someone’s bitch in PMITA Prison.

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