Police action and traffic congestion in my ‘hood.

monpoliceaction.jpgDoing my afternoon runs to get kids I ran across some traffic problems.  If not resolved soon anyone attempting to use California or Canyon below Lime as a short cut to avoid traffic is going to have some difficulty.

Squad car(s) were stopped on California between Lime and Colorado, as well as Canyon between Lime and Colorado.  Within the perimeter is Rotary Park with the Options After-school program is located.  Within a block either direction from where this pic was take are 3 other schools with a lot of after-school traffic being slowed down.

I did ask the Highway Patrol officer at California and Lime for some details.  He offered that 2 juveniles shoplifted at Pavilions Market (6 blocks away) and fled on foot. 

If it seems like a lot of patrol cars present…its not unusual for us.  We have had very intense patrols after shootings a few weeks ago left 3 dead, one teen comatose and another paralyzed.  Our mayor mobilized local communities to pool resources in mutual aid pact to help out with extra patrols during periods of crisis like the gang war we experienced.  This pact also includes assistance from LA Sheriff and CHP.  The coming weeks it will die down here and shift to other communities in the agreement to help as needed.  In short the kids picked the worst possible time to try a grab and run when you have intensified policing programs in place.

Pic by me with the trusty cellphone.  Get’s bigger but not a whole lot better.

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  1. Crime sucks, that is why I live in Palmdale, good blog site though, you should move here to Palmdale, less drama.

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