Northridge Oasis: But what about the restaurants?!

The Daily News is reporting that efforts have been rekindled to revitalize (or really I guess that should be “vitalize”) the stretch of Reseda Boulevard running from Lassen to Roscoe. I used to live right at the corner of Reseda and Lassen, and I’m here to tell you that it’s going to take more than flowers on the median strip and new park benches to transform the area into the “Northridge Oasis — the Cultural Center of the Valley” as they have dubbed the business improvement district, apparently without a hint of irony.reseda-theater.jpgreseda-theater.jpg

     The folks spearheading this quixotic mission have dubbed themselves the NE/W Vision Committee (love that slash–it adds a jaunty touch), which stands for “Northridge East and West.” Their fearless chair Steve Patel explains, “We have a lot of restaurants, but we don’t have any sidewalk cafes or outdoor dining. We have wonderful restaurants … but where is the ambience? We have fantastic weather, but where is the dining?”

reseda-theater.jpgIt’s so visionary it’s stunning really. When I used to live on the Reseda strip I always bemoaned how really close we were there in Northridge to achieving Cultural Oasis status. With the simple addition of a few cafe tables to the shabby strip malls, student drivers, ceaseless hot winds, and abandoned grocery carts–Voila! It’s like Paris. Only we have a Pinkberry.

(resedabear’s photo used through a Creative Commons license.)

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  1. I love it! “…We have fantastic weather, but where is the dining?” He must have just moved here and missed that period of say August until early October when it is just hot and everyone is so miserable and crabby the last thing they want to do is be outside longer than they have to.

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