No Cussing Week declared in So. Pas

nocussbanner.jpg  In October we reported that South Pasadena High School student McKay Hatch had approached the City Council and asked for a “no cussing ordinance” HERE.   They didn’t give him the ordinance but they did toss him a bone and named this week “no cussing week” which the Pasadena Star News has  a full story on this morning.  Even  KABC7 has ran a bit this morning as well on the topic. 

 All very interesting and no doubt there are probably better words most of the time to get your point across and skip the f-bomb for punctuation.  McKay’s parents deserve a nod in raising a kid who will stand up and work the system to get what he believes in heard and acted upon.  There is even a “No Cussing Club” web site with merchandise available…yeah they are making a buck or two off this site that now has some 50 countries with anti-swearers signed up.

9 thoughts on “No Cussing Week declared in So. Pas”

  1. nope…not kidding, at least the city of So Pas didn’t pass the ordinance that was proposed. I would have concerns with that.

  2. And in other news an Arizona (I think) high school banned hugging, but then relented following hug-in protests and now allows hugs to be exchanged amonng students of less than or equal to but not more than two seconds in duration.


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