We Got A Face Lift!

I’ve been awake an absolute stupid amount of time the last 4 days getting this in working order (in fact it’s been something in one stage of development or another for almost a year) so I’ll keep this announcement brief. New sites, we has them. There is a lot for me to show off but I’m exhausted so it’ll have to wait for later this week. While we finish migrating things there’s going to be a bunch of weird things happening on the site and things breaking and not working as expected. Please hang in there and all should be running much smoother in a few days. In the meantime, hope you like the new look!

29 thoughts on “We Got A Face Lift!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! The word hardly seems appropriate, knowing SOME of what you went through to birth this baby!

  2. 55 sites worldwide = late hours by the launch crew and more hours this morning, but we’re squashin’ buggy bits at a good clip. Thanks for yr patience!

  3. Congratulations on the face lift. How do I make the text font bigger? It’s so tiny!

  4. So this is why my RSS feed broke… lulz, looks great btw. I love the way I have to register to comment now

  5. I have always loved the metblogs, berlin and la are my favorites. But the font size is just a joke. This is a deal breaker, write some easy css stuff or figure out that not everyone uses Windows, so we can read it without changing the browser setting for one site. I really can’t emphasize enough HOW BAD the READABILITY is on the new site.

  6. We need accounts in order to comment, eh?

    Well, I hope this speeds up the amount of time it takes for a comment to post. Let’s see.

    Oh, the addition of a follow comments by email button! I like that.

  7. I’m sure you already know this but:

    * old images don’t work currently

    * the links to the comment profiles don’t work

    * links to old author profiles no longer work

    * rss feed doesn’t work

    * font is really small [design feature?]

  8. You all know you have control over the size of the type in your web browser, right? If you’re on Safari, you can increase/decrease the size of the type with Command +/-

  9. For the love of god! Change the size of the header image. Site takes up waaaay too much real estate on a 13″ Macbook. Not friendly to the Mac environment where the page should only take up as much of the screen as the content. I hate having to scroll sideways let along having the scrollbar at the bottom.

  10. While I have to agree that the header is overly large (it fails to fit on my 14.1″ iBook) and there appears to be a problem with being redirected to the Metblogs dashboard when I log in to post a comment (despite my directing the site as well as my machine to “remember me”), the graphic design of the banner, logo and attendant art is brilliant. A great modern motif, Sean and Co.

  11. IT’s hard to read in windows XP with IE7.0…just saying its not OS or browser, maybe the default font size needs to go up a bit or make it hard black for better contrast and readability?

  12. love the new layout… just PLEASE increase the typeface size! I’m clearly not the only one asking for this. It’s not *terribly* too small, it’s just small enough that it makes one uncomfortable reading it in large blocks and for any length of time. Good design=good readability, not just prettiness.

    If I up the font size on my browser than I’m forced to decrease it anytime I visit another site. That’s not cool.

  13. Seriously, the Font size sucks, at least make it a big bigger all we are asking for is for a .5 increase, is that too much to ask? Oh and the RSS feed, please think of the children and fix the rss feed :'(

  14. Perhaps changing the typeface, if the size is to remain the same. I would suggest Bell Centennial, as it works easily in the phone book (for which it were expressly conceived).
    Otherwise, please do use a larger font.

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