Pasadena Bloggers at it…still

 First the big news out of the Peoples Republic of Pasadena…the big winner of the Visual Artists Guild best photo incorporating protest of the Bejing Olympics at the Rose Parade is blogger, and often commenter here West Coast Girlie Blather.  Congrats, I think!?

Former mayoral candidate Aaron Proctor has a few things going on in his blog including discussion on term limits and then proves the pols actually have a sense of humor when they participate in a game where they all get porn star names.

One of the more enlightening blogs based on the belief that conservatives own the net and all the blogs has come forward with a cry to regulate it.  Interesting reading in the pasadena new progressive (pnp) that seems to forget that the laws governing print media have been applied here so I wonder what she hopes to accomplish advocating further regulation. 

Given the PnP censors contrary opinions (those of us who read and respond keep track of how little she approves) its a small wonder she maintains the press censorship ideals of the Peoples Republic of Pasadena China.  The full article that got her rolling on this rant about clamping down and regulating the net more can be found in an essay by Sam Vaknin Phd in the Global Politician.  (Do be warned that reading her blog can be difficult as she hasn’t figured out how to use blogger’s hyperlink tools and pastes in the entire alphabet soup of a URL into her posts).

Finally, Pasadena’s Political Underbelly takes a shot a lampooning Pnp in their post “PUSD attack dog bites her own ass”.

Now put on those rose colored glasses and enjoy the spectrum that is Pasadena!