Nova Express to Close Landing Bay Doors for Good

Photo by Flickr user Crashworks, used under Creative Commons

I’m sad to report that Cary Long, owner of the unique and bizarre Nova Express Cafe in the Fairfax District, announced in an email over the weekend that he’s closing the doors after fifteen years due to financial difficulties:

The Nova Express Cafe has existed to make the claim that a unique artistic cafe is an important part of the cultural ecology of the modern urban landscape.

Essentially, Nova Express Cafe is an art project designed to explore the parameters of how a kind of art, based on the importance of community and generally motivated by an idea of fun, can function in society.

However, The Nova Express Cafe has existed outside the normal channels of either capital investment or art world patronage and now faces severe economic difficulties. The cafe will be closing Wednesday, March 5.

The last fifteen years have been a great romantic adventure! Thanks and goodbye!

LAist is reporting that the closure is also partly due to Long’s desire to pursue a career as a sculptor.

One thought on “Nova Express to Close Landing Bay Doors for Good”

  1. I am sorry to hear that Cary is closing Nova Express. I read there once, perhaps twice, when I were visiting from New York. The one time of which I am sure, it were with the lovely, brilliant and not-to-be-messed-with Wanda Coleman.

    I understand that the cafe was named by novelist Nelson Gary, who turned out to be one of my olde friends and who regularly read there. I imagine he will be sad to hear of its closing, but happy to know that Cary is, well, carrying on with another endeavour.

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