ICME: Fix Your Accent

Spotted outside the Beverly Center.

My question is how do they fix it?

“My accent is not ridiculous enough, can you fix that?”

Of course!

“I have an accent that sounds Russian, but I’m from the Bulgaria.  Can you fix that?”


“Small animals burst into flames when I say certain words.  Can you fix that?”

No, you’re a dragon.  Accept yourself and move to a less populated area.

Or maybe it’s just an enterprising Hyundai repairman.

4 thoughts on “ICME: Fix Your Accent”

  1. I had to laugh on that one. Oddly I have a cousin who is a speech therapist and she made more in private practice helping japanese businessmen and actors from the south learn to speak without an accent than she ever made in the school districts.

    Great use of ICME.

  2. I was just at an international meeting where the Russian delegate, who was a rather shy guy, was reporting on some aspect of public relations and said, “Well, we have a FUCK that we give professionals,” meaning FAQ. I admit it was a Beavis and Butthead meets Borat moment, but everyone in the room burst into loud laughter.

    His accent needed fixing.

  3. I see these all over the place. Not as random as the signs for phone jack instillation or new windshields.

  4. Being a collector of odd flyers and signs (I have a decent collection, primarily from Los Angeles and New York), one of my favourites is a red, white and blue-spray-painted one of this type of “work.” It is an example of the worst typography EVER. The typeface is a stencil, the letters are closely crowded, and the mix of those colours in all caps is outrageous. It was tacked onto a post near the 405 Freeway in Culver City/Mar Vista. Even with the parking lot phenomenon on the 405, it was difficult to read.

    I should have rang up the poor bastard and offer him writing lessons!

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