Have Mayor Will Travel


This just in… Mayor V is back from his travels. He says his road tripping is good for L.A.

From KFI:

He has been criticized for spending too much time away from the city working for Clinton’s presidential campaign. The mayor defended his trips saying this presidential election is critical to bringing more money and federal programs to L.A.

Great success! All is well in Los Angeles! Good night, Crips. Good night, Bloods.

One thought on “Have Mayor Will Travel”

  1. The great sadness of Bill Clinton’s administration was that he squandered his huge potential by thinking with his penis instead of his brain. Mayor Tony has done the same thing, for the same reason.

    But the real slap in the face to L.A. is the Mayor’s clear desire to use his time in City Hall as a stepping stone to national politics. Is there really any doubt he’s hoping for some choice position in Hillary’s administration?

    So here we are, three years in, and the new Great Goal is that we can speed up traffic along Olympic by 10 percent, or maybe 15 percent if we’re really lucky.

    I still have hope for Mayor V. And while my fingers are crossed, I’m not holding my breath.

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