Urban Jungle: In The Hall Of The Raccoon King

3:38 this morning. Dog barks twice determinedly, pauses long enough to let me drift back off to sleep then barks once more and I’m up to investigate the source of the disturbance. Masked prowler? Of sorts. And a magnificently plush, large and well fed one at that (click to triplify):


Alerted to my presence it climbed down from the porch railing and past the front door, which when I yanked open prompted it to climb back up the other railing and come back across to the porch where it clambored up the pergola onto the roof. Did I emerge into the cold morning in nothing but my boxers and my camera to climb atop the bench and see where it went? You know it. The three resulting snaps of His royal raccoon magnificence are on the other side of the jump, with the first of the bunch being my fave (and all triplificatable).




2 thoughts on “Urban Jungle: In The Hall Of The Raccoon King”

  1. Thass a plumpster of a raccoon all right. Looks like he knows where the good garbage cans are.

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