Pasadena’s Blair HS Gunman Update

3/1/08 No Gun or Gunman found. 1st Amendment Shot down instead? blairhsescorted.jpg 

David Markland reported the lock down resulting from a reported gunman on Pasadena’s Blair High School yesterday afternoon HEREThe Pasadena Star News has the full story of the event ending with a happy result, no gun and no students hurt. Reports indicated at one point a “person of interest” was detained but no arrests were made. (Picture by PSN staff photographer Sarah Reingewirtz from todays article, full series of photos for viewing and purchase HERE).

The photo depicts students being escorted by police to an area believed to be the gym.  The hands above your head is part of PUSD established sniper drill  lock down drill procedure.

The more interesting story for me unfolded as a side bar to the event involving press access to the parents.  The Crime Scene Blog was doing real time updates during the event HERE, HERE and HERE.  What the group writing at Crime Scene Blog reported is that at one point during the lock down one of their reporters heard a commander tell the officers to separate the parents and media.  They later reported and alleged that the separation was due to an interview with KCAL9 where parent Christina Anderson in an interview said her “sense of security was shattered.”   Another instance of the People’s Republic of Pasadena’s respect for the First Amendment which I reported HERE?

4 thoughts on “Pasadena’s Blair HS Gunman Update”

  1. Well, I would at least commend the Pasadena Police for having a plan and their quick reaction..

  2. What does the 1st Amendment have to do with the Pasadena Police searching for a gun on campus?

    Are you saying the police should not have searched the campus?

  3. Michael, the post explains the potential First Amendment breach – the police seperated the media from the parents allegedly because the police didn’t like the opinions parents were giving to the media.

    I’m actual skeptical of this being the case, and would err on the side of the police seperating parents from media at least while the investigation was still hot.

  4. David thanks for reading the entire post.
    Yes, I think the police did a good job…I said thankfully there were no students injured that is proof enough.

    More importantly I gave the police the benefit of the doubt when the segregation between parents and the media. If anyone bothered to look closely I ASKED if the first amendment was breached when as the Crime Scene noted the separation orders came after a parent stated in an interview her feeling of security was shattered. Look closely at the timing, the separation was over 6 hours after the event started and was certainly long after the initial phases of the investigation. All I’m asking is a simple question…was the first amendment breached by separating the media from the parents.

    I certainly don’t think the officers didn’t do their job….they did it well and no injuries is proof of it. Persponal experience tells me the separation orders come from above the police and has little to do with the effectiveness of their jobs. The separation is the question up for debate.

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