UPDATE: 7 shot at South LA Bus Stop: Suspect in Custody

During my drive to work today, I heard that the person responsible for the shooting on Wednesday has been apprehended.

A quick look at the LA Times local pages gives more details:

On Thursday, police arrested Billy Ray Hines, 24, who they said is a member of the 48th Street Crips and who they believe was responsible for shooting into a crowd of people at the bus stop. Police said the suspect’s two intended victims fled the scene and remain at large… [Police Chief William J.] Bratton said Hines is expected to be charged with at least 10 counts of attempted murder, which include the two intended victims.

Of the five wounded kids, only one girl remains hospitalized. The three adults are stable. All victims are expected to recover.

As a side note, when I told my students about the incident on Thursday (and not all of them had heard about it), they kinda shrugged their shoulders and said, “It sounds gang-related.” I chalked it up to a general apathy and resignation: Is this incident that extraordinary to them? When I told them today that the suspect had been apprehended, the general consensus was, “I’m glad they caught him. It sucks to shoot kids and old people” (teenagers are a tactless, aren’t they?). Perhaps not as apathetic as I thought.

PS: I rewarded their show of sympathy by giving them their weekly quiz.

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  1. I’m seeing double posts!

    That’s as good a response you’re going to get from most of us teenagers. We’re either too absorbed in some aspect of pop culture (shopping! OMG SHOEZ!!!1!1 etc.) or we’re jaded when it comes to this. Some are horrified, but most are too separated from it.

  2. “It sucks to shoot kids and old people.”

    But everyone in between’s fair game? Out of the mouths of babes and other vermin. It’s nice to see they have a good grasp on these things.

  3. “…I heard that the person responsible for the shooting on Wednesday has been apprehended.”

    Emily, I’m thinking what you probably — hopefully! — heard was that the person who AUTHORITIES SUSPECT was the shooter had been apprehended.

    Sounds like a perfect time to talk to your students about being that old easily disregarded cliche: innocent until proven guilty.

  4. @ blackmoore
    I think what the kids meant is that it especially sucks to shoot kids and old people since they regard these people as “innocent.” My kids are surrounded by lots of adults they don’t particularly like OR trust, and so consider the young (whom they associate with a younger sibling) and the elderly (whom they associate with their loving grandparents) blameless.

    hence the title says “suspect.” … i did write it quite quickly, and perhaps did not giving the suspect consideration of due process in the article body itself…. FWIW: on the kcrw morning edition local newsbreak, the announcer said that not only was the suspect identified by eyewitnesses, but there was even surveillance tapes of the suspect and the shooting. IOW: sounds like a rock solid case as long as LAPD doesn’t f* it up.

  5. I think sadly the teenagers are right. Teenagers aren’t tactless they are honest. They don’t get you’re supposed to filter what you say and act as if you would care regardless of who gets killed.

    It’s obvious that adults don’t care when people outside of the very old and very young get killed in certain demographics. Look at the resources spent on solving crimes in neighborhoods where the most violence occurs and look at the resources spent on solving crimes where virutally no one gets hurt at all.

    Our society surely does value some people’s lives more than others.

    In South LA, East LA and urban areas all around the country it is sad only when it was old people or little kids or a person who just walked through the neighborhood on their way to somewhere better.

    If it had been 15-23 year old young men who had gotten shot, then they would have been gang members and that would be that. There would be no outrage, even if a little kid had to see a “bad” guy get shot, because it’s a bad guy and they live in a “bad” neighborhood so these little kids should be used to it.

    The problem with our society is that it should be bad when anyone gets shot and killed even if they are the “bad” people.

    Thankfully with the violence moving into more integrated neighborhoods maybe they will have to pretend to try harder in the less integrated neighborhoods that experience crime.

    Maybe the kids who live on Drew Street in Cypress Park won’t have to come to school shell shocked anymore from having to spend night after night on the floor owing to a shooting going on in their neighborhood every single night and bullets flying through their bedrooms.

    LAPD is up the street from that school in the North East Division and Drew Street has been known for years to have criminal activity, but what do they do? Nothing. They don’t do a darn thing.

    The US can go all over the world to “save” it, but we can’t keep our smallest citizens safe from experiencing and seeing violence.


  6. Emily, I saw “suspect” in the headline. Saw it later on in your post even. Didn’t see it where it needs to be in the lead graph which effectively and irresponsibly renders the party guilty. Still don’t see it. Probably the only thing I’ll see is another “@campbell: sod off and go take another picture of some bird mural.”

    I don’t care about eyewitnesses. Don’t care if there is surveillance footage. Don’t care if the heavens part and the voice of God thunders down with a “Yep That’s Him! Pack it all up and let’s go get falafel.” As you point out “rock solid” doesn’t mean shit. Ain’t that right OJ? Ain’t that right Baretta?

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