The Revolution Will Not Be Televised in Los Angeles


More than 13 million homes are not ready for the switch to digital TV next year, according to Nielsen Media Research. Analog is so 2007. But, Los Angeles did not get the memo. Neither did Portland, Albuquerque, Houston, Minneapolis, or St. Louis. People in these cities are still using their old POS TV with no converter.

What does this mean? Well, it means that sometime during the course of 2009, your super-fly Zenith corner monstrosity with its 13 VHF channels will fade to fuzz. Probably during American Idol. Right when they announce that the winner is…………

8 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised in Los Angeles”

  1. I don’t get why this is so dramatic.

    They only started selling the set-top converters earlier this month according to the Neilsen link and there is a year until the changeover.

    Why would the government start advertising these coupons and pushing for an early switch? Every person who buys a new set on their own this year is a person who won’t need the coupon and will save taxpayer money.

    While there will surely be people who don’t get the message and miss a day or two of Judge Joe Brown, that will happen even if the government sent people door-to-door with free boxes in hand.

    What is anyone expecting different this far out?

  2. I’m not changing or buying a converter. Turns out that I don’t need to. DirecTV sends the signal digital and it already converts it for me. I was prepared to walk away from tv but no need to since DirecTV does it already.


    I, and everyone else with no broadcast television (there are at least five of us), laugh at anyone who finds this even remotely urgent.

  4. Hmm, that sounded kinda snobby. I didn’t mean for it to. I just am terribly amused because I am so removed from this whole thing. Every time I see anything about it, the tone is one of such urgency. It just seems a little silly.

  5. You are being a bit dramatic here.

    The people affected are those that receive over-the-air TV signals with an antenna on their roof or rabbit ears in their house.

    If you have cable, satellite, or another set-top box, your television will work fine.

    If you do receive over-the-air signals, you will need to get a set-top box (called an ATSC receiver). You can apply for a coupon from the government here:

    More and more stores are carrying the converters. Radio Shack, Circuit City, Best Buy, and even Walmart should have the boxes and accept the coupon.

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