7 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): The Marathon”

  1. Thank you for posting that — it’s a great reminder of the will of the human spirit. That was an incredible moment.

  2. Cephyn, the finish line is typically staffed until the early evening, but the route is essentially reopened fully to traffic by mid-late afternoon. Anyone still on the course basically loses all priority and must continue on the sidewalks in obeyance of all traffic laws and signs, which is another reason why anyone finishing be it in 12 hours or 74 is far more bad ass than those that finish it around two hours.

    Incidentally I know first hand Weiland did it again in 2005. That was my second time doing it as a walker and I caught up with him around the sixth mile. What an inspiration he is.

  3. Neil, a group of the notorious iaalmaf will be participating in the bike tour Sunday. Personally this will be my 14th. We’ll be making a midway point stop under the arches of the 6th Street Bridge and after the finish we’ll reconnoitre next to them nekkid athlete statues on the east side of the coliseum to decide where we’ll be going for breakfast. Feel free to join us!

  4. is the iaalmaf invite-only? I’d love to go along on a ride, with sci-arc being only once a month and all.

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