The Kids of Widney High Live at Amoeba Tonight!! FREE!! Seriously, if you’re not hip to The Kids of Widney High, you should be.

They are, in fact, Ten Kinds of Awesome.
(That’s right, Ten.)

Check it:
“The Kids of Widney High are a group of students from Widney High School, a special ed. high school in Los Angeles, who write and perform original songs. The group started in 1988 as a song writing class and changes as the students come and go from Widney. The students perform with a band consisting of Vince Licassi-guitar, Judy Rudin-harmonica, Tony Bollas-drums, Spero Anthony-bass, and Michael Monagan-guitar.”

O.K. Great, buncha handicapped kids, so I’m obviously tryin’ to be a do-gooder and plug the Kids’ Show, ’cause we all know what a nice guy I am, right?

Yeeeaaahhh. Right. You must have me confused with that other RobNoxious.

The Kids of Widney High Kick Ass. Period. I ain’t doin’ charity here. They’re doing you a good deed kickin’ your ass with awesome tunes, that’s what.

Plus, it’s a free gig.

February 28, ’08
Amoeba Music
6400 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(I really am a pretty nice guy, actually. At least that’s what I’m told…. Don’t let it get out though, will yeh?)

4 thoughts on “The Kids of Widney High Live at Amoeba Tonight!! FREE!!”

  1. I can tell ya it is a mix of badly arranged pop music that comes from another world. I saw an early incarnation at Mondo Video on Vermont back in the early 1990s (I still have a VHS copy of the performance, but no VCR!) and have seen them once or twice over the last 15 years or so but with different kids as well as some of the earlier ones all grown up. Sort of.

    Anyhow. They were also featured in the Johnny Knoxville film “Ringer.” It was a damn good film, all PC bullshit aside. (That goes for both the self-righteous AND the obnoxious parties!) The trailer is a bit lame, however.

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