Scary bike gang graffiti!1!!1!!11 I spotted this fearsome sight on the Baum Bicycle Bridge this morning, a nasty chill ran down my spine. I almost dared go no further.

But, summoning the last shreds of my tattered courage, I pressed on. If we give in to fear of roving bicycle gangs armed with spray paint, then the roving bicycle gangs armed with spraypaint will have won.

Mercifully, I was allowed to complete my morning ride unmolested. This time.

5 thoughts on “Scary bike gang graffiti!1!!1!!11”

  1. I think the “ride or die” is what saved you. God help the person who traverses that bridge on foot.

    I’d like to imagine the gnar-zilla posse as a group of old ladies who have jumped on the global warming bandwagon the only way they knew how: spraypaint, bicycles and leather jackets.

  2. FYI, we have a massive Gerber plotter/cutter that can cut insanely detailed stencil deigns created in illustrator.

    Too bad spray painting on public property is illegal and I’d never do such a thing.

  3. Although I might be confused with condoning this, in a way this somewhat makes up for the paint-out of the bike that had been sprayed upriver in the tunnel under the Colorado Blvd offramp.

  4. This makes me so mad I want to punch someone in the neck. Go tag your own wall you punks. Oh but then mom might kick you out of the basement.

    OK, I’m officially an old man.

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