It Caught My Nose: Something Sweet is Blooming

beeandjasmine.jpgOn a walk to a friend’s last night and on my morning constitutional today this flower’s fragrance stopped me in my tracks and made me go back and breath deep.

What is this flower? A kind of Jasmine? Mock Orange?

No matter what, I call it heaven to my nose.

(Click for more detail. Photo by me this morning.)

9 thoughts on “It Caught My Nose: Something Sweet is Blooming”

  1. I was in San Francisco yesterday walking around Russian Hill and noticed the same scent. Between that and the clear, 70 degree weather it was pretty heavenly.

  2. I believe this is the same tree that’s center stage in our backyard, and I’ve long been curious about its wonderful fragrance and what it is. Last year’s dryness limited its bloom, but this year’s rains have it looking ready to make up for lost time. The subtle yet distinct aroma from the blossoms is indeed heavenly.

  3. Where did you find this?

    I’m guessing its what is known as Sampaguita among Filipinos (the Philippine national flower), but its sambac in Wikipedia.

    But by those leaves? I suspect they’re plain lemon blossoms.

  4. Thanks Shannon, I clicked over to your site and you were having the same aromatic moment! Nice.

    Darleene, I live in West LA and that’s where these plants are blossoming all over.

  5. If they’re lemon blossoms, that is my absolute favorite harbinger of spring. Screw those banal orange blossoms. Lemon is the only way to go. I even put them in my lemon marmalade. Mmmm.

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