A Simple Honest Burger


Like our own David Markland I do relish those moments I nurture the carnivore within. Not a mighty 20 lb burger, but just a simple honest burger.

This beauty is what in my not so humble opinion is an excellent, simple honest burger. A thin patty of ground beef fried up on a well aged and seasoned griddle. The end result is a moist burger with just enough carmelized crunchy bits to elevate it to perfection. Simple seasonings, a tart version of “Thousand Island” and just enough “salad” to make it a tasty mouthful without losing any of the flavor of the burger. The best part of this deal is it is only $2.99 or that piece of heaven between some buns.

I get this burger only once a year as it is on the opposite side of the city. My annual excuse to stop in for burger nirvana is a visit with my tax accountant whom I have used for years who is 3 doors up the street.

The details: George’s Burger, 3101 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90405

Pic by me with the trusty cell phone, doesn’t get bigger and doesn’t really do the burger the justice it deserves.

6 thoughts on “A Simple Honest Burger”

  1. My favorite burger is In N Out. (It’s exotic to me since I didn’t grow up out here).

    That burger looks delicious though.

    – AP
    Porn Star Name: Didi 22

  2. Hey AP…nice to see you back. In-n-out is alright, I really tend to like the hole in the wall, non-chain types the very best.

  3. Looks good, I’m going to try that place. Although I do note that the cheese is not quite melted enough for my taste– you can see a corner in the pic :)

  4. If you’re ever in the Anaheim area, you can get a burger like that at Apollo’s, on Chapman, down the street from Disney.

    Hole in the wall place. GREAT burgers. Also a great place for fried mushrooms.

    There’s also a place in Montebello called Doublz. Their mushrooms are better, but the burgers are to die for…and also, too big to eat in one sitting.

  5. This is one of the places I miss having moved from the Westside last year. The three things I ordered most from the menu were the burger, onion rings and the chorizo and egg burrito (not all at once). I may have to trek to that side of town soon.

  6. I’m usually wary of places like George’s (I live nearby) that seem to have everything in the world on the menu, but I’ll give it a chance.

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