Spotted in the Wild: Help for Men with Poor Aim

Click to enlarge, but it ain’t gettin’ much better.

It might be difficult to make out thanks my craptastic camera phone, but I spotted this tiny bee decal killing time in the bottom of a urinal at the men’s room at Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but snap a photo. That went over swimmingly with my fellow restroom occupants, let me tell you. Anyway, if it’s not obvious, that poor fella’s duty is to help use males, notoriously lazy aimers that we are, to keep all the fluids in the designated fluid-receiving accoutrements. I know these have been in use in Europe for awhile, but this is first time I’ve seen on in Los Angeles.

4 thoughts on “Spotted in the Wild: Help for Men with Poor Aim”

  1. We call them “tinkle targets”.

    We actually took small face pictures of (pick your favorite politician) and floated them in the bowl to teach our boys to aim during their training years. Those were the original “tinkle targets” in our house several years ago.

  2. Oh man, I’m glad you mentioned that because I forgot about it. My mom used Tinkle Targets (the actual branded ones that you could buy) when I was a kid. The ones I remember were battleships and stuff, and whenever I tell somebody about them they don’t believe me.

    I just Googled “tinkle targets” and the ones you can buy nowadays are L-A-M-E.

  3. Yes 5000, they are incredibly lame that is why I tore out pictures of my favorite politician to float for them to aim at. A lot more entertaining and making a political statement in the process.

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