Let The Puppies Breathe

puppies.jpgHaving successfully solved problems with traffic, gangs, schools, smog, politicians, foreclosures, and homelessness, Los Angeles has officially enacted a law to control the pet population.

If you don’t have your pets spayed or neutered, and if you’re a first-time offender, you will be forced to receive information on subsidized sterilization services and be given an additional 60 days to comply! After that, a fine. After that, another fine.

City Council will now hear motions on a taco truck reduction program, and a city-wide skinny jeans ban.

8 thoughts on “Let The Puppies Breathe”

  1. One step closer to 1984, mandatory spaying of pets is good on the surface. But if its to control the population growth of them when do they look closer at us?

  2. It’s about time. There will be really no way to enforce this but I admire what its trying to accomplish. People are irresponsible with their pets and there are too many unwanted animals in shelters. Maybe this will help reduce that number.

  3. I’m all for controlling the pet population. Every time I walk into the Pasadena Humane Society it breaks my heart because I find at least half a dozen great dogs that I’d love to take home, but can’t.

    On the other hand…
    Echoing Ruth: Great, more government.
    Echoing Fraz: When do they start to look at us?
    Echoing DB: When will they take my taco truck?

    Also, I haven’t read the law, but does this apply to ALL dogs in L.A.? What about those that are bred on purpose?

  4. What about puppy mills? How about just making people who breed animals on purpose just to sell them criminals, it’s a completely stupid industry with all of the stray dogs and cats around.

    This is just like gun laws. You make laws saying you have to do this and that to own a gun, but you still sell them. It’s all just a smoke and mirror game to get money out of you.

    The gov’t could care less if someone comes to your house and shoots you, because this gov’t makes guns and imports guns, but then it says you can’t have one because of what exactly? Oh yes the law, because it’s dangerous. If it’s so bloody dangerous then why do they make them.

    If the gov’t really cared about stray animals it would outlaw puppy mills, but they don’t really care, they just want to stick you with some kind of tax to give the facade of caring. Sort of like how they tell you, you can’t own a gun (or make you jump through these hoops to get one,) for your safety.

    I’m so not buying the reason for this law, I don’t buy the reason for any law that’s supposed to protect me or my dog or my future kids or my family.

    How about we all protect ourselves? Can we make a law so that I can take care of and protect my darn self without the gov’t being in my freakin business.


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