7 shot at LA Bus Stop in South LA

At 3:15 pm, 7 people were shot at the corner of Vernon and Central.

While the details are still developing, local news stations are reporting that at least one of the shooting victims is in critical condition.

The younger victims ran to nearby George Washington Carver Middle School, which resulted in the lockdown of that, and surrounding schools.

Preliminary reports that the shooting occurred at the school were, according to KNBC, inaccurate.

According to ABC 7,

Initial reports stated there were two African-American suspects. That report has been revised to state one person is suspected of being the gunman. The suspect is only being described as a young male, who reportedly walked up to the crowd and started shooting, then ran into the surrounding neighborhood. The suspect remains at large.

5 thoughts on “7 shot at LA Bus Stop in South LA”

  1. Interesting point. Without getting into all the socialogical aspects of why, can I ask “when will everyone just stop the violence and harming innocent people”?

  2. People who don’t have jobs shoot people. It doesn’t go directly from a to that b, but statistically this has been proven.

    The economy is crap. Lots of people are losing their jobs. People who are the most poor lost their jobs some time ago. When people aren’t provided with a legit way to support themselves, they do illegitimate things like sell drugs, run guns, pretty much anything and everything to make money and to stop boredom.

    I was reading the Economist 2/2-2/8 which is my favorite magazine. (It’s so awesome, seriously I suggest you all pick up a subscription) and I was reading about the violence in Kenya and Gaza and the things that both of those two places have in common is lots of young men with no jobs.

    It’s the same story all over the world.

    Mike Davis who wrote City of Quartz talks about LA and how the crime started and again, young men no jobs and this has been happening for years, since as long as crime has been documented.

    The thing is now that with the internet and with the shrinking of space owing to population growth (and possibly peak oil) we’re all beginning to see these issues.

    LA was sort of a haven of ignorance at one point. We had all of this great open space and we never ever had to collide with worlds we didn’t want to collide with, but with people switching places owing to gas being so expensive and the urban core becoming more attractive, people who traditionally have never experienced this kind of thing are experiencing it.

    While in some ways I am for taking care of yourself, in other ways I see how you can’t just give kids no option for a future and just think they are going to go, “Well I guess I’ll just work for minimum wage.” It’s obviously not going to happen quite that easily. Most humans are going to fight to survive and they aren’t going to go down quietly. People who have nothing are going to do whatever is at their disposal to get theirs, even it’s it’s not theirs and whether its right or not, it’s irrelevant, because I think morals are just something that middle class people get the privilege of having.

    You know after WW1 the veterans didn’t have jobs and the New Deal was started, which got people working, but you know how that started? A bunch of angry veterans went to the White House and said, “Hey we’re going to burn this place down if you don’t give us a way to provide our family a living.”

    I don’t know why the gov’t always waits until people get to the breaking point before they do something. If the gov’t has a purpose, wouldn’t this be a purpose stopping people from murdering people.

    I would rather the gov’t do that above fixing dogs or outlawing cigarettes or banning plastic bags. I’m thinking priority should be stopping people from murdering other people and maybe other things would kind of fall into place.

    You’ve got to have a way to support yourself and your family, at some point you have to give people a chance, since most people unfortunately are poor or they are one paycheck away from being poor.


  3. One wonders why there is the big campaign by the L.A. Sheriff: “We’re Watching–Are You?” Apparently not, which is why the MTA has at least two cameras on every bus. Now if only the cameras worked and the MTA was not comprised of sociopathic cretins.

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