64 Things I Hate About You

Help nominate the worst this city has to offer.

Damn you, Los Angeles Magazine. Your concept for a tournament style competition to decide the one greatest thing about Los Angeles is freakin’ brilliant. Or, at the very least, brilliant in a bloggy sort of way. (see L.A. Observed for a summary of the project.)

In short, I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first. So, I’m stealing the idea. Well, for the most part. And making it a little bit bloggier: instead of the best, we’re going to nail down The 64 Worst Things About Los Angeles.

64worst.jpgI’m thinking “the paparazzi,” or “Pinkberry,” or “LADOT,” or “drivers who try and turn left out of corner gas stations or strip malls, in spite of frustrated cross traffic trying to make it through the light signal.”

Once we’ve assembled a list of proper length (I like to call it the “shit list”), we’ll reveal it to the public through a series of polls that will determine the lesser of evils, and narrow down the worst of the worst, until only one thing can be claimed to be “the worst thing about L.A.”

Yeah, just like Los Angeles Magazine does for the greatest, but without the expense account. And the winner/loser will be determined much, much sooner (LA Mag won’t reveal their greatest until the August issue hits newsstands).

So, readers, let us know what you think: what are the worst things about Los Angeles? The worst restaurants, the worst streets, the worst celebrities or pseudo celebrities, or even the worst kind of people in the city (we’re brainstorming here – think outside of the octagonal box).

75 thoughts on “64 Things I Hate About You”

  1. Can we vote for the entire Los Angeles area? Worst city period. Wait! It’s not even considered a world-class city. I don’t know what it is!? ..and the political leaders running the place don’t have a clue how a real city is supposed to be run.

  2. Can we vote for the entire Los Angeles area? Worst city period. Wait! It’s not even considered a world-class city. I don’t know what it is!? ..and the political leaders running the place don’t have a clue how a real city is supposed to be run.

  3. People who don’t pay attention or don’t know how to drive in traffic. You MUST fill the gap in front of you.

    When you have room to move forward, move forward!

    I’m not talking about tailgating, but sensible forward motion. You can’t leave too much room in front of you or someone will snake you and fill the gap that you should be filling. And it really pisses off the people behind you. Drive like everyone else but you is doing. It seems to be a small group of phone talkers, moms paying more attention to the kids in the back seat than to the road, the elderly, illegals with no brakes or insurance, or hybrid drivers watching their mileage gauge that are the chief offenders.

    We hate to interrupt your phone call or text message session but we’re all trying to get somewhere so please do your part.

    And once traffic starts moving, drive smoothly and stay off your brakes! Unnecessary braking causes a chain reaction, and can lead to traffic coming to a hault.

  4. It is remarkable to me that so many of the comments are about LA driving habits. Yes, there are bad drivers here, but have you folks ever driven in almost any other big city in the world? Or on the East Coast of the US? Driving habits in LA are so much better than almost every other city. Especially considering how much traffic there is, the drivers here are relatively unagressive and polite.

    My worst parts of LA:

    1. Segregation
    2. Lack of common civic spirit
    3. Smog
    4. Traffic (congestion)

  5. The lack of true weather

    People who insist it’s beautiful out when in fact it was the same weather the day before and will be the same for the next few weeks!

    People not from LA! that makes up about 95% of the city

    Immigrants who have been here 20 years but still can’t and won’t speak the language but get pissed with you for not knowing theirs

    TRAFFIC! It should NOT take over an hour to go 6 miles


    Buses! – do they have to take over two lanes on a straight road? Or better yet block 3 lanes of traffic because they wait until the last second to get over

    The lack of people’s use of turn signals in their cars – We are all not psychic!

    Wannabe screenwriters who tell everyone about their script that they are working on yet won’t submit it to anyone in fear of rejection. Why move to LA to write you can write anywhere. GO HOME!

    LA Fashion Week – what a joke!!!! All of fashion in LA really. It’s only behind the rest of the world by a two years!

    Parking and the fact that markets and post offices actually offer valet parking.

    Those self-important people who insist on talking on their cellphones via speaker phone and then ask everyone around them to be quiet so they can hear. We don’t want to listen to how important you think you are

    the VALLEY!!!!

    LAX’s pathetic attempt at security – I was once handed a box cutter by an airport employee after passing through security to open a nicotine patch and then they didn’t want to the knife back! I felt so safe getting on that flight NOT! Also the joke of their passport control booths that only have one person handling 3 arriving international flights despite you can see about 6 officers just hanging out talking

    Mercedes Drivers – they are worse than Cadillac Drivers

    Drivers on their cellphones!

  6. Being one of those people not from LA-the poor drivers are definitely not the out of staters necessarily. I grew up driving in snow and ice and managed just fine for 18 years. Now the slightest sprinkle here and people go bonkers-funny to watch though.

    -Streets turning into rivers once it rains for a few hours
    -Bus drivers who will just merge into your lane even if they might run you off the road
    -People who will not make left turns on yellow
    -Lack of public transportation
    -Ignorant people
    -Hollywood types who think that the world revolves around them and what club/restaurant they should be at that night
    -Door guys
    -People who don’t understand politics but jump on the liberal bandwagon because all of their friends are and it is the popular thing to do in this city
    -405 & 101
    -People making right turns from left lane
    -Local News
    -LA Marathon-any marathon or benefit walk that blocks off major streets and makes it impossible to get anywhere on the weekends
    -Lack of street Parking
    -Reality TV “Celebrities”-how is it that people from a show about their time in high school can just stroll into a club in Hollywood without any questions from anyone. Do they not have to follow the same laws we do?
    -People who drive with their brights on all the time

  7. 1. the total lack of urban planning and its catastrophic affects on public transportation
    2. the tourists who frequently stop in the middle of beachwood to take pictures of the hollywood sign
    3. the ridiculous amount of SUV’s (hello landrover & benz) that people clearly do not need (you live in the hills not winettka, and there is no way you need that car to haul heavy equipment)
    4. the terrible road maintenance – what is going on with the potholes on fountain, and why hasnt the drainage been designed to handle rain greater than 1 inch?
    5. high rent/high housing costs in general

  8. What I hate about L.A. – so much negativity and selfishness; the assumption that the problem is with everyone but ourselves.

    “If everyone who wasn’t exactly like me in every way would just dry up and blow away my life would be perfect.”

  9. I love LA. I honestly wouldn’t live anywhere else. But, there are some annoying things about it (most of which is covered above…can’t wait to vote). BUT, no one mentioned DATING.


  10. Posted by ogglendale:

    4. Inconsiderate, inattentive drivers who get angry at you for honking at them. It’s not my fault you’re an idiot. Get off the phone and pay attention. Driving is dangerous.

    some douglas bagwell in a benz minivan nearly took my front end off yesterday morning after nearly rear-ending the truck in front of him as he suddenly gunned it and changed lanes while not signaling. then he gave ME the finger for pointing out his self-importance. maybe he thought i needed more proof …

    (i didn’t.)

  11. I love everything about LA, except all the non-Californians who move to our great city. I even love the traffic,I love driving the canyons slowly on Laurel, Coldwater, and Beverly Glen. My two favorite drive are Ventura Blvd. and La Cienega from LAX to Sunset.

    Please do not move out here, no one wants you guys out here. Stay away!!

  12. I love the things that annoy me in this city.

    Oh those on-ramp traffic lights are called metering lights. They have been proven to make major difference in traffic flow – though it’s much more obvious on a larger scale like going from the toll plaza onto the Bay Bridge.

    I love metering lights too.

  13. I’ve been to LA once I have to say, I hate the smog. Because of it, I only spent a couple of days there before deciding to spend my holidays somewhere else.

  14. 1. Pinkberry. It doesn’t even taste good, not to mention it isn’t real yogurt, yet idiots are paying the $$ to be “hip”.
    2. Traffic
    3. Brittney, Paris
    4. Papprazzis
    5. People who don’t signal before turning. Especially only turn on the left signal when the light turns green, so all the people behind him/her who are going straight have to wait for the asshole.
    6. Crappy public transportation
    7. Anyone who get on reality show to get their 5-mins of fame, and I will use the word fame loosely.
    6. Assholes who don’t obey traffic rules.
    7. Everyone who runs the light, you all deserve the fine.
    8. Kids who text message in a restaurant while eating with family.
    9. People eat with mouth open. Pigs!
    10. People who don’t pick after their dogs.

  15. Is everyone here psychic? How do you all know where a given person was born or how they got here and what their legal status is?

  16. 1. People who complain about traffic, even though they have cars. Traffic does not bother me, even when I’m on the bus.

    2 People who move to LA knowing that traffic is an issue (buy a car) and yet feel the need to talk to you about the freakin obvious, like I can’t see it, and like I care. I don’t.

    3. The LAPD. The most corrupt joke of a police department in the world. Even in the southern portions of the US the police are more fair than the LAPD. The Los Angeles Sheriff are 10 times more fair than the LAPD, so I don’t understand why the LAPD is filled with such major a**holes.

    4. People who come here from Eastcoast, the Midwest, the South, and any other section of the US to be an actor, a model, a singer or to work in film AND THEN moan and groan about LA because they aren’t famous yet or because people here are mean, I mean come on. As if people who want to be actors are nice themselves. People in the “industry” whether they are successful or not are not “nice” or helpful people, if they were they would be social workers and not narcissists and Hollywood would be a lot less lucrative.

    5. The anti-kid culture in LA. There is much in normal activities for kids to do out here, at least in Los Angeles and the stuff there is to do you have to have parents with cash to do it. Also kids get exposed to way too much out here. There isn’t a park where kids can just leave their house and tell their mom they’ll be back before dark and ride their bikes and have fun and be safe and not have to worry about perverts or weirdos or gangs. That’s such an important part of being a kid. The kids here end up being very sheltered or just out of control. Neither are good.

    In general though I like LA very much. It’s cheaper than any other major US city. The weather is nice. If you think you can just about do anything. I mean if people really wanted to do theatre for real in LA we could, it’s so cheap and reasonable. The only bad thing about LA is that there are too many people with the myopic goal of success in the film industry.

    I meet so many talented people who could do something creative, but their obsessed with the whole movie and TV thing and that’s kind of disheartening.

    In NY people have a wide variety of interest, in LA it’s just about the movie and TV.

    I was actually hoping the strike would never end and we could get a real theatre district going, one that’s not littered with horrible one person shows.


  17. People who move here and then complain about “the Mexicans” and people who speak Spanish. Hmmm, didn’t the name of the city possibly give you a clue about the history of the area and the people that live here? This city was once part of Spain and then Mexico, hence our official name: El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula.
    It’s these same people who assume all Latinos are illegal and then assume all brown people are Mexican because they can’t be bothered to learn about the cultures around them. I heard some newly transplanted white dude call a Filipina a “Mexican.” Get a clue!
    If you wanted to live in a non-Latino city there are tons of them in Northeast and Northwest. If you don’t like “Mexicans” I suggest you move away from Los Angeles.

  18. The Manhattanization of LA. Don’t need residential towers, greater density or subways.

    People who insist on keeping an automobile suburban “utopia” straight out of the 1950s.

    Also, the Church of Scientology.

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