SkidMarks: When It Rains, People Eat


  • Caroline on Crack checks out the Adam & Eve fig cocktail at Akasha in Culver City, gets buzzed.
  • Rock Insider wants you to download an mp3 of some band called Crystal Antlers. Says it’s mandatory.
  • Julie from Juvin visits Taiwanese cafe Class 302 in Rowland Heights. Pays them to eat out of a lunchbox.
  • LA Can’t Drive gets tailgated in WeHo. The guy just wouldn’t get off his ass.
  • And Lori MacBlogger went to dinner at Benihana and spotted Joey Fatone. You host singing show. You been here four hour. You go now.

5 thoughts on “SkidMarks: When It Rains, People Eat”

  1. Those Taiwanese theme restaurants are weird. I saw one on TV where they sit on, and eat out of, toilets.

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