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Academy_Award_Oscar.jpgIf you tivo’d it and haven’t watched yet, don’t read any further….

Did you watch? What did you think of the winners? Any big upsets or surprises for you? How about the show itself? Did you like Jon Stewart’s hosting performance? Did anything or anyone move you especially? Do you have an Oscar speech already worked out?

Let’s have some chit chat about it in comments.
(Image of Oscars by Anne Seigel and used under Creative Commons.)

I love the Coen Brothers so I was very pleased with their success last night. I can’t say I loved the end of the movie, in fact I had to watch it again to make sure I understood what happened! But the way they use their locations as an integral part of their films always impresses me. And Javier Bardem turned your blood cold and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

I was pleased Tilda Swinton won for Michael Clayton as I thought she was fascinating as that character. I also like how in every clip from the film they showed, Geoge Clooney was in all of them. (I realize he’s the title character and all…)

The Visual Effects oscar surprised me, I thought it would go to Transformers for sure since there might have been some Pirates exhaustion. (I never saw Golden Compass..)

I was especially moved by the two song-writers/performers who won for best song, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. I appreciated their humility and what they said about not ever giving up on your dreams because you could wind up in some amazing places. That’s what watching the Oscar’s is all about for me.

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  1. Sorry, I missed them. Spent the evening catching up on my Torchwood episodes that were begging to be viewed off the Tivo. In all actuality I started the day with a BBCA marathon with 5 episodes of Dr. Who and a big fire in the fireplace and a cup of theraflu on the side.

    That may well explain my general lack of knowing who’s who and getting what in pop culture…

  2. Bah. The whole category of best song had me upset – so many great songs that didn’t even get nominated. Lou Reed with “Gravity”? “Do You Feel Me” from American Gangster? Either of those would have been better picks.

    Giving the win to “Falling Slowly” just reeked of indie snobbery, to me.

    Also, where was “300” in the nominations? That film deserved better recognition for visuals and effects.

  3. I watched the Oscars! I always do, ever since I was 7. I don’t care how hip it is to miss them. (Though I won’t fault anybody for missing them – I have zero interest in the Grammys, Emmys or Tonys and so I assume there are millions who likewise have zero interest in the Oscars.)

    Jon Stewart was OK. I think Ellen Degeneres is a more appealing host, though. She brings a little of that “Movies and movie stars are fun!” giddiness that Billy Crystal had. The comic bits were OK. They really have to throw out the idea of the animated character presenting the animated short Oscar. It’s always lame.

    I noticed that this was the first time I could recall when they did NOT show clips from the 5 Best Picture noms (except in excerpts for the acting and screenwriting categories). I guess after too many years of studios submitting commercial-like montages instead of key scenes, they figure “Eh. Who needs ’em?” Maybe that’s why the telecast was shorter than usual. Shaved off at least 10 minutes of running time (including clips, intros and of course commercials) right there.

  4. Giving the win to “Falling Slowly” just reeked of indie snobbery, to me.

    Seriously? That reaction seems bizarre to me. It’s not like the Oscars has a history of overlooking pop stars like Phil Collins and Randy Newman, or pompous Disney musical numbers from Stephen Schwartz or Elton John, in favor of people with “cred.” Frankly, I was surprised the Academy was able to recognize why “Falling Slowly” deserved to win over any of the bullshit from Enchanted.

    On another note, I’m outraged that Casey Affleck didn’t get best supporting actor. Hell, I’m outraged that he was nominated for supporting and not lead to begin with.

  5. 5000! I concur with you re: “Falling Slowly”. Michael’s comment about indie seemed very out of place at the Oscars, generally the most conservative awards out there!

    I have yet to see Mr. Affleck’s performance, but look forward to it very much. Maybe Javier’s hair got in the way of him winning.

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