The Readers Strike Back!

The most chat inducive posts from the last week: Like a Bus Virgin; Mooned; Xenu kills; Guns’n’Sliderulers; When Burritos Attack…

Los Angeles Bus Virgin No More: Julia Frey pops her MTA cherry with a series of posts on hopping the bus for the first time, including taking a ride downtown (not figuratively, literally – she had lunch at Cliftons).

Skies Look Clear — Lunar Eclipse Time!: readers prove themselves to be astronomy nerds.

Did Scientology Kill a Man?: COS critic found dead from apparent suicide.

L.A. Guns Make Music Called Death: California ranks tops in the nation for gun control laws. Someone tell this to the Avenues gang.

Hallucinogenic substance available and legal in Los Angeles: Salvia is legal, widely available, and according to readers, freakin’ trippy.