Free Hot Dogs Eaten in Hollywood

freehotdogs.jpg About ten days ago I posted about free hot dogs coupons at Skooby’s and I believe a few of you signed up. Yesterday my husband and I went for our wieners and we were not disappointed (See photo and click for even more bacon/cheesy fries goodness.) The buns seemed to be not quite as fresh as they say on their site (mine fell apart on my first bite) but the seasoned fries more than made up for it. I’m no dog connoisseur so I can’t compare them to other “more famous” hot dog stands around town. I like hot dogs and am not that picky — sometimes it’s more about location. I mean, even a dog out of a cart in Times Square at 2am can be great, especially when it’s your first trip to the Big Apple.

The guys at the counter were friendly and the soundtrack was Ska Punk–Operation Ivy. The dude taking our order seemed pleased that we had our free hot dog coupons. Skooby’s has a club and they give away stuff every month. SIgn up here and get those wieners!

Did you go and eat your free dog this week? Tell us all about it in the comments.

Being on Hollywood Blvd, we ate in good company. See who I mean after the jump.

I merely had to swivel around on my stool at the outside counter to see them both.



Our dogs being prepared:

Skooby’s is on Hollywood Blvd., across the street from Musso and Franks.

4 thoughts on “Free Hot Dogs Eaten in Hollywood”

  1. I vastly prefer Skooby’s to Pink’s. I must cop to never having tried Oki Dog, though.

    That’d be a helluva culinary tour: One day. One doble-decker bus. Six hot-dog stands. Thirty bottles of pepto-Bismol.

  2. You go Pink;s for the line and the sheer size of the food. Skooby’s is just plain good hot dogs, as ‘pure’ as a hot dog can be.

  3. I got a free hot dog thanks to you!! It was delicious. But then again I had had Skooby’s before and love em. I ventured outside of my cheddar bacon dog (whoever thought to put bacon on a hotdog is genius) with the garlic dog. It was good, but I actually expected roasted garlic on it or something, and it was just they had made the bun into garlic toast. Definitely delicious, but I think I’ll go back to the bacon ones.

    Couldn’t get fries this time… woulda been too much for my stomach.

    But I will highly recommend their Arnold Palmers as they have delicious lemonade, so it’s a great mixture.

  4. Jessica, glad you got your dog! We did have their lemonade and it was quite good. Excellent experience all around. Let’s hope for more free dogs…

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