Nancy Wilson is the Coolest Chick. Ever.


So, yeah… I went to the Heart concert at Gibson Amphitheatre last night. I’m now convinced that Nancy Wilson is the most awesomest girl on the planet. Seriously. How does she make playing the guitar look so cool and hot at the same time?

Also, watch for this guy Michael Grimm that opened for the band last night. Dude was doing an acoustic solo set, and his amp blew shortly after he began. Most people might have Ashley Simpsoned it, and waited for the crew to work stuff out. Not this guy. With the crowd still clapping along, he smiled and sang on acappella. They fixed it. It blew again. Dude never stopped. A star was born.

BTW.. why does CityWalk suck? After the show, virtually nothing was open. It was 11:30 on a Friday night. Thank you, Universal City, for reminding me why I never hang out there.

Other than that, have I mentioned how much Nancy Wilson rocks?

5 thoughts on “Nancy Wilson is the Coolest Chick. Ever.”

  1. dude….you are only now finding out she’s amazing? Nice right up.

    City Walk is pretty gross, but I am there at least once a year as one of the kids decides their birthday dinner has to be at the Hard Rock. Getting in and out to the parking is the hardest part.

  2. why does CityWalk suck? After the show, virtually nothing was open. It was 11:30 on a Friday night.

    Universal has formal corporate commitments to “good neighbor” policies, one of which is the closing time for CityWalk.

    Sounds carry really, really well from that hilltop to the surrounding hillside homes.

    That’s why they put a roof on the amphitheater. That’s why the pyrotechnics in the Waterworld show go fwoooomp instead of BOOM! That’s why the hillside escalators are glassed in.

    Universal has a long history of working proactively with the surrounding community to minimize their negative impacts and keep the neighbors happy.

    Doesn’t always work, mind you. Some of the neighbors are pretty cranky and hard-to-please. :-)

    But they do make an effort.

  3. Yeah, the Wilson sisters are rock gods. There’s a music video where a host of Max Max extras/hardbodied men literally forge Nancy in a foundry, and she emerges from the mold wielding Thor’s hammer. If I remember correctly.

  4. Hallelujah! I saw Heart at the Greek a few years ago about two weeks after seeing Skinny Puppy, and guess which one rocked my face off? Hint: definitely not Nivek Ogre and crew. What’s even more impressive, though, is that she was also doing it 30 years ago when women weren’t nearly as welcome on stage. I wish she was my mom.

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