End of the Third Quarter and Up by 18


Due to rainy coldness, my boyfriend and I abandoned all plans to go out into the world and decided to stay in. We were watching James Bond movies until we realized the Clippers-Lakers game was about to come on.

I tend to root for the underdog, so naturally, in this instance I was going to cheer on the Clippers. After all, the Lakers currently stand as #1 in the Pacific and if they win this game (which at this point seems like a foregone conclusion), they will be #1 in the West.

Now that they’re up by 18 after three, I want to go back to bed and finish watching James. My boy, however wants to finish watching the game. I don’t want to seem pouty, so I guess I’ll watch the Clippers get their asses beat. Mr. Bond can wait.

Pic of youngest Odom fan taken by my boyfriend the last time we went to go see the Clippers at the Staples Center.