Jessica Stover on USC’s Trojan Vision

Star Wars nerd, friend of, and filmmaker Jessica Stover will be a live guest on [email protected] today at 6:30pm to talk about her ambitious upcoming fantasy short film, Artemis Enternal. She writes:

It’s likely I’ll be touching on media control and filmmaking, what the future of film is/why Hollywood doesn’t actually make movies anymore, and what all of this means for audiences, film fans, nextgen filmmakers and society. Then we are going to climb on stuff.

No seriously, we shot a parkour demo last week and they plan to air footage during the show.

You can watch on television on LATV (Channel 36), or stream live at the Trojan Vision site.

Jessica adds:

Even if you don’t care that I’m the guest or what my subject matter is and what I’m doing with my film project, I think it is interesting and worth noting that USC has developed a completely student run station (much thanks to Lucas’ grant to the school of cinematic arts).