Walt Disney’s severed head found for sale on eBay!

waltshead.jpgUnfortunately, not necessarily his frozen head, so much as a creepy wax replica from a “very unusual estate purchase.”*

Individually placed hairs, hand made porcelain eyes and porcelain set-in teeth on this fine piece.

This one was packed in a box that was marked only “Walt”. Pretty sure this would be Walt Disney.

The head is located in Anaheim according to the eBay listing, but appears to have originated elsewhere. A sign in some of the pictures of the head reads Royal London Wax Museum (in Victoria, British Columbia), and a stamp on the back of the head’s neck reads “Paris,” perhaps where it was cast. Next stop: your mantlepiece?

As of this writing, the bid is at $162.50 with just under five hours left in the auction. Small price to pay for the inspiration Walt’s head could bring.

Keep it on your desk to stymie writer’s block, or pull it out in the middle of pitch meetings to intimidate producers. The potential uses are so endless that I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments…

*Either way, keep cool, otherwise it could melt… h/t to fjetsam