Ta Da..Parking Tard King of the day

I swear today the city collectively unplugged its brain and decided to make it a national holiday for parking tards. This afternoon about 1PM we were on Brighton Way in BH between Camden and Bedford when this tard just stopped, double parked and went into a shop. He sat in the left lane blocking in cars legally parked while he was shopping.

It get’s better and you have to make the jump to find out how…

This lady was one of the ones blocked in and mighty po’d. She did a 911 call. Unfortunately PD didn’t show up before we continued down our stoll. Gotta love anyone that is more of a door man than a door mat when it comes to parking ‘tards. The age of the cellphone makes it really hard to get away with that really blatant rude stuff. I found it funny she stood in the street and kept yacking waiting for the cops to come.

Funny…just another day in LA Beverly Hills!

Pics by me with the trusty Che-ez….as big as they get, definitely as good as they get.

11 thoughts on “Ta Da..Parking Tard King of the day”

  1. In Boston, double parking is practically a national pastime. You can’t drive down a single city block without seeing a double-parked car with its flashers on. Often I would look out my window and count 4 or 5 on my block alone. Frankly, I’m happy that double parking happens rarely enough here that it merits a post on blogging.la.

  2. Please please please, frazgo —

    It doesn’t “get’s better”. Your constant mis-abbreviation of “gets” as “get is” is a parking tard in an otherwise legally-parked paragraph.

  3. Wow, we now have english teachers proofing the bloggers. Please – Puh-lease!

    On another note, when I first moved here a friend of mine told me to double park and when I protested she said “Go ahead, everyone here does it, theyre (drivers) used to it”

  4. That parktard needs an assistant who will circle the block until he is ready to be picked up. I was such an assistant once. Once.

  5. Hey, Please! I didn’t know you’re a teacher (G writes that you indeed are). Let me say thanks to your kind. Without you I wouldn’t have learned how to use the apostrophe. I can say that I know how to use it and I’m not even a teacher! Imagine that! I’m not a complete dumb ass.

  6. Fraz…I’ll shoot you an email from work next week. Some spam service is rejecting the email reply to you on my account…

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