President’s Day Parking Tard


Dude Douche, it’s a holiday. People are going to the grocery store as they would on Sunday. Even if I gave you the benefit of the doubt that there are some old lines visible that you were mistaking for the current ones, that makes you an even worse parking putz.

This is a parking tard (Sorry Ruth).

7 thoughts on “President’s Day Parking Tard”

  1. Its times like this I love my little Ford Focus. I’ll squeeze into that little space mere inches from their door, forcing them to enter from the passenger side. :-)

  2. If I win the lottery I’m going to buy a few dozen junk cars and fund a crew to find thoughtless drivers and parkers and make them pay! In this case, we would park vehicles on all sides of this car, including front and back, so that they would suffer the immediate repercussions of their thoughtless nature. A sort of vigilante no-bad-deed-goes-unpunished collective. Any rich folk out there want to fund this initiative now?

  3. I know the guys a jerk, but if you parked your car so close to my door that I couldn’t get in? That would be an automatic Keying.

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