Presidents Day Closures you get up to move your car because of Monday street sweeping? Haha! Sucker. Today’s a national holiday, and at least in the City of Los Angeles, that means most timed parking regulations will not be enforced. (need proof?)

Public schools, postal delivery, and banks are all closed today. While government officials have the day off and city hall is closed, trash will be picked up as usual. Why do garbagemen have to get the shaft?

Busdrivers and subway operators also still work today… then again, its at least time and a half, right? Subway and bus service is scheduled to run as normal. [source]

Do you have the day off? Are you spending the day reflecting about your favorite President? Chat amongst yourself in the comments. I’m sleeping in.

6 thoughts on “Presidents Day Closures”

  1. I’m sitting at work today unlike any of my friends or family. I don’t know why my company chooses to give us Good Friday instead.

  2. trash will be picked up as usual. Why do garbagemen have to get the shaft?

    The trash pick-up holiday schedule is bizarre. For example, they don’t do Labor Day, but they do pick up on Memorial Day. I end up putting my bins out most holidays anyway just to make sure I don’t miss them.

  3. I’m sitting at work as well, here at Disney Corp there are all of but three of us here and no one turned on the lights……

  4. I’m here at work too. I’m surprised you’re at work at Disney Corp. My roomie, who works at ABC-TV on Prospect, is off.

  5. On top of all that, The Kitchen and Square One were both closed today! 3rd lunch try was a charm though, as the Los Feliz stuff was open (Alcove, Home, F62 et cetera)

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