6 thoughts on “Couldn’t resist – my first Parktard post”

  1. Ok I have to say that’s not actually a parktard. They parked like that in order to not get dings from the car left of them. A parktard required the parker to cause inconvenience to another parker. If the parker had taken up two spots that would be parktardism.

  2. Yeah, I’m with David. There’s certainly some shameless over-protectiveness being manifested there, but no negative impact on other vehicles as a result, at least as shown.

  3. Still, I’d like to park right next to him on his left, spilling over into his space, pinning him in between my car and the black Mercedes.

    I’m a parkdick like that.

  4. Er… now that I see the blurred plate on the Mercedes I’m thinking you’re refering to the Mercedes as the tard instead of the car on the left?

    But I still don’t really see the Mercedes as worthy the tard label. It’s parked between the lines and pretty much all the way in.

    I’ll shut up now before Ruth awards me a tard star with a side order of FTW for over-analyzing this scenario. Prolly too late.

  5. The honda civic parked in that odd spot now set themselves up to scrape the mercedes on the way out.

    What would have happened if a bigger tard in say a Hummer was in the spot the ‘cedes took…that would be entertaining at least.

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